Natural born artist and designer. Raised in the mountains of Colorado. Fond of adrenaline, wilderness, and visual problem solving. The work I do spans the spectrum of fine art, illustration, graphic design, motion graphics and production art.
As an illustrator I excelled through the Academy of Art University Illustration program. During my time at the academy I was featured in every Spring Show and became a featured graduate of the program. I have been admitted to, and published in both Los Angeles and New York Society of Illustrators. My graphic design recognition includes starting as an intern aiding designers with collateral, to becoming the Lead Graphic Designer for one of the largest product categories at one of the largest bicycle companies in the world in less than 4 years. I have enjoyed the recognition of having multiple products receive bike of the year awards form key publications and websites as well as seeing one-off custom designs raced by the best in the world on the World Cup circuit.  Continued freelance work in the bicycle industry generated form reputation and word of mouth. My self-starter attitude lead to development of a production company alongside a long time collaborator and award-winning cinematographer; personally extending my artistic knowledge base to include film and motion graphics that have lead to the development of four short documentaries in the span of a year. 


My goal is always to produce the best possible work, regardless of what it is I happen to be working on. I am always looking for new methods or techniques in order to achieve that goal and I am a strong believer that one should never stop learning.  

The work on this site represents personal, professional and commissioned work. 
For more information, or to commission a project, contact me at cconlin001@gmail.com